Assigning User Appropriate Permissions During Iinstallation

We allow users to install CALSoft 5 to any sub-directory on their computer. During the installation the user can select the sub-directory for their install and by default we suggest the C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\TCAL\CALSoft 5 account for the installation.

Some users prefer to install the software to the c:\program files\ sub-directory or c:\program files (x86)\ sub-directory (in Windows 7). That location was very popular for many years; but Microsoft changed their security in 2006, resulting in all folders underneath c:\program files\ not having full security privileges and in particular users cannot write files to that sub-directory.

Because of this issue, if you change your installation to point to c:\program files (x86)\CALSoft 5\ or something similar to that, you will need to grant the sub-directory full privileges. You can do this by right-clicking on the c:\program files (x86)\CALSoft 5\ sub-directory and select Properties. Select the Security
Tab on the form and then select Edit. Grant all Users Full Control and select Apply. If this security change is not made, the user will get several errors during data collection and when collecting calibration files.

There are no security issues when the user installs CALSoft 5 to the default users directory (i.e. C:\Users\[user name] \AppData\Roaming\TCAL\CALSoft


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