Screen Seems Distorted or Not Visible

By default Windows 7, 64 bit operating systems set the Screen text size to be 125%.  This forces the forms in programs like CALSoft to be sized differently and results in some of the sections of the software appearing to be “hidden” and/or not accessible.   For example... 

To change the text size on your screen in Windows 7:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on DISPLAY
3. A pop-up window will be displayed wiht thre text sizes.. .small, medium, large... like this...


In order for CALSoft to work properly, the text size must be set to 100%. 

You may need to log off/on or restart Windows for the changes to take affect.  Then, when you run CALSoft 5 again, you will see all of the screens are showing properly.

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