Cannot Recognize CALPlex using CALSoft 5 (worked with CALSoft 32)

Some users have problems with CALSoft 5 recognizing CALPlex on their computer, they were able to recognize CALPlex when using CALSoft 32.  If that is your problem please follow these instructions:

Open CALSoft 32 - Collect

  1. Go to Edit | Preferences Menu and Go to the Collect Tab
  2. Please write down the COM Port that is displayed

Open CALSoft 5  (make sure the CALPlex is connected and powered on)

  1. From the Main Screen select Preferences  link at the bottom of the main dashboard and go to the Collect Tab
  2. Input the COM Port value that you had from CALSoft 32 Collect
  3. Select Detect and you should now detect the CALPlex
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