Backup/Move HP and TD data files

When you run a Heat Penetration or Temperature Distribution test, CALSoft saves the data file on your computer. HP files have the file extension .chp and TD files .ctd.   To backup and/or move this database to another computer...

  1. HP and TD files are stored by default in your CALSoft 5 "Data" directory. To access that directory quickly, click the Start button in Windows and chose "All Programs", then click on CALSoft 5, then click on "CALSOft Directory". The CALSoft 5 directory will be displayed in Windows file manager. Open the Data folder.
    ** You may have stored your data files in a different location on your computer.
  2. Look for the HP and TD files in that directory and backup/transfer it to the new computer.
  3. When moving these files to your new computer, consider moving them into the same folder that you used to store your data on your old computer.   
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