Moving CALSoft to a new computer?

If you previously had CALSoft 5 installed on one computer, and you are now getting a new replacement computer, you will need to remove CALSoft from one compute and reinstall/activate it on the other. Please follow these instructions....

STEP 1: Remove CALSoft 5 From the Original Computer...

** DO NOT use the Add/Remove program feature from within Windows.  Use the Uninstall CALSoft feature from within CALSoft to remove the activation and also remove the CALSoft software.   See this article for more detail.

STEP 2: Backup/Move the ProCAL Database:

The ProCAL database stores any projects you created using Set A Process, Set A CUT/VENT, or Evaluate a Deviation.   To backup and/or move this database to another computer, simply copy and move the database to your new computer.  See this article for more detailed instructions.

STEP 3: Backup/Move HP and/or TD data files:

When you run a Heat Penetration or Temperature Distribution test, CALSoft saves the data file on your computer.   These files can be copied and moved from one computer to another.  See this article for more detailed instructions

STEP 4:  Install and Activate CALSoft on a new Computer...

You can now install and activate CALSoft 5 on your new computer.  Your new computer must be connected to the internet and you must have Administrator rights in Windows.  CALSoft5 can be downloaded from our website and activated using your activation code.   See this article for more detailed instructions.


If you experience a problem because of your company's network security, please see the article below "secure installations behind network security".

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