Backup/Transfer your ProCAL database

The CALSoft ProCAL database stores any projects you created using Set A Process, Set A CUT/VENT, or Evaluate a Deviation. When you add a new record to the ProCal database, it chooses the next available number in the database as the ProCal record number.   

To backup and/or move this database to another computer..

STEP 1: BACKUP/COPY the ProCAL5.mdb file from your old computer:

  1. The ProCAL database is a file called "ProCAL5.mdb".
  2. The file is stored by default (during the initial installation of CALSoft) in your CALSoft 5 directory.
  3. To access that directory quickly, click the START button in Windows and chose CALSoft 5 from the list of Programs, then click on "CALSoft Directory". The CALSoft 5 directory will be displayed in Windows file manager. ** You may have stored your ProCAL database in a different location on your computer.
  4. Look for the ProCAL5.mdb file in that directory and backup/copy the file.

STEP 2:  MOVE the ProCAL.mdb file to your new computer:

  1. When you first install CALSoft on you new computer, it will create a new ProCAL5.mdb file and install it in the location where the CALSoft program files are installed.  See Step #1, item #3 above for finding the location of the ProCAL5.mdb file.
  2. This file is a new, empty database file
  3. Paste your old ProCAL5.mdb file (see Step 1 above about how to copy that file) onto your NEW computer in this same directory where CALSoft installed your new, empty ProCAL5.mdb file.   
  4. This will overwrite the new, empty ProCAL5.mdb file with your old ProCAL5.mdb file.  

STEP 3:  Confirm that CALSoft is pointing to the correct location where the ProCAL.mdb file is located:

  1. Open CALSoft. 
  2. Click on "PREFERENCES" in the bottom of the main dashboard.
  3. Make sure the "Default ProCAL Directory" is set to the location where you put the ProCAL.mdb file in Step 2 above. 
  4. Then go to "Set a Process" in CALSoft.   On the bottom of that main window you will see the "Current Database Location" listed in the footer.. this should be where you pasted your old ProCAL5.mdb file. 
  5. Click "OPEN" in Set A Process screen and CALSoft should access your old ProCAL5.mdb database. 

When you use CALSoft on your new computer, it should now access your "old" ProCAL database and the next available ProCAL # will be assigned to the next record.  

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