Removing CALSoft from your computer

The proper way to remove CALSoft5 from a computer is to "un-install" it from the main dashboard.  DO NOT use the “add remove programs” from within Windows!.  Using the uninstall link from within CALSoft not only removes the software from the computer, but it also first makes a call to our activation database on-line (computer must be connected to the internet) and removes the activation of that computer.  This "frees up" another activation for that specific activation code.  

*** IMPORTANT- you must have administrator rights in Windows in order properly uninstall the software.  

Follow these steps to uninstall and "de-activate" CALSoft 5 from your computer....

  1.  Go to the current computer that has CALSOft installed and activated and open CALSoft5. (you must be connected to the internet and have administrator rights in Windows).
  2. Select the "Uninstall CALSoft" link from the lower right-hand side of the main CALSoft dashboard. This will un-license your CALSoft activation code and will also uninstall CALSoft.
  3. After the un-install is completed from the within CALSoft 5, your activation code will be free to use on another computer.

** DO NOT use the Add/Remove program feature from within Windows.

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