USB to Serial Adapters

There are "serial to USB adapters" avaialble that allow for the connection of hardware devices that use Serial communication to be connected to a computer with USB ports.  However, TechniCAL has found that these adapters do not always work well with Windows operating systems and cause communication errors when CALSoft cannot detect the CALPlex datalogger.   These adapters are made by third-party vendors and are not supplied by TechniCAL.  Therefore, TechniCAL does not support the use of Serial-to-USB adapters with CALPlex/CALSoft.

However, if you chose to use a USB to Serial Adapter, the following instructions should help to establish a CALSoft 5 connection to CALPlex if your adapter works in Windows.

Please download the PDF document below for detailed instructions. 

** Remember that not all USB to Serial Adapters work with Windows Vista, 7, or 8. 

You may also consider upgrading/retrofitting your older CALPlex datalogger. Click here for more...

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