Computer crashed during data collection, could not recover file

If your computer shuts down or crashets during a Heat Penetration or Temperature Distribution test and the CALSoft program is closed, your data is not lost. CALSoft saves the data-file after each scan. Once your computer is restarted and CALSoft is re-opened, you will be notified that a test was in progress and asked you if you would like to recover the data....

If you chose Yes, CALSoft will determine how many scans were missed and ask you how you want to precede. CALSoft will then open to the data-collection screen and resume the test.

If CALSoft is not able tor recover your data file, it may be because you used a PERIOD in the file name (such as My.Heat.Penetration.Test.chp).  CALSoft will allow you to use a PERIOD in the file name when you start a new test and it does not affect data collection or evaluation.  However, this FILE RECOVERY feature in CALSoft is confused when a period is discovered in the file name and it will not complete the file restoration process.    We recommend you DO NOT use Periods in your file names.

If you encounter this situation, contact TechniCAL and we will try to assist you in recovering your data file.   Support fees may apply for this service.  Contact us at

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